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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My first Old School Chopper

After giving it a lot of thought i made my first chopper , a dedication to the old school choppers , which i grew up watching .
So after a week of drafting the final design on sheet , started creating the first ever chopper in India with a working front springer suspension.
It sure was a crazy idea but made it in a week flat with the front twisted rods & from there came my company's Deadly Choppers anthem " Twisted Steel with Sex Appeal" .
Then started working on the extreme rake , which was tough as every thing done for the first time has more crtics than supporters , but my craziness did paid off & i made that too a reality.
After the rake & the skeleton frame standing up exactly as i had pictured in my mind , i started off with the body work.
A crazy coffin inspired fuel tank was made first by using cardboard only & then made the craziest tank ever.
I am trying to give in all the details so while watching the attached pics you can also feel all the passion that went into it.
Loads of sweat induced hours went in to create the first Deadly Chopper bike but it was all worth it , the day i took it on road & literally created a jam when i stopped at a pan walla .
Feels like yesterday.

Indian Men and Custom Choppers

Let me start my blog with "us" the uber cool urban Indian men.
We know all , want all , & are keeping our dreams close to reality & some of us actually reach that decided point also.
One of such individual whom i know quite well is me :D , was doin well in business but the chopper bug bit me .
After i helped quite a few guys to create what they were looking for , a manchild's toy a teenage dream to ride a custom motorcycle with the widest of grin inside & all the attitude outside.
I started Deadly Choppers in New Delhi to quench the thirst of all the guys who are looking for that serene ride every evening or weekends or to work.
Now every biker in the world will have to agree to me that riding a bike is the ultimate stressbuster & that is the only time when you are actually with your own inner self.
No bosses shouting, no business deadlines , no cribbing wife or girlfriends , its just you .
So i am actually giving every client of mine two things ,a ride that he always dreamt of & a stress buster engineering marvel.
Lets come to Indian men now , to start with almost every one of them want a custom chopper or a custom ride.
But the road to there dream bike has to cross many a hurdles , 1st hurdle = DAD, that hurdle often comes to a teen who has just passed his highschool & grown up watching American Choppers on Discovery .
2nd hurdle is mom , she wants her son to be safe & the last line of that ever heated argument would be , ok ok get a car of your choice but no bikes , this is the heaviest of hammer to fall on a guy who has replaced megan fox to a chopper in his dream.
Now if a guy has started earning he feels close to realising his dream but most of them succumb to the race of climbing the ladder & the others reach so close to destination that they finally have to cross the 3rd hurdle which they never expected while taking all the vows with a girl . Who then becomes a "WIFE" , the biggest "NO'S" to all the questions & dreams of a man.
It is after crossing the 3rd hurdle an Indian man gets its hand on his machine that he always dreamt of.
I welcome & salute such fighters who after a hard days work in office under a boss or a boss taking care of his work come back home & get into a jeans & bandana & live to ride .
see you all fighters soon..
Amit for Deadly Choppers